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ECOM Case Study

A tale of human grit meets cutting-edge care

The Horizon Hospital Naupada, Thane breathed life into an Australian citizen. In a dire moment when all seemed bleak, a beacon of humanity emerged to aid.

A 49-year-old Australian citizen of Indian origin, returned to India to visit his mother-in-law. Things took a turn for the worse when a sudden and severe coughing fit left him struggling to breathe. With his health rapidly declining, he was rushed to Horizon Hospital in Naupada Thane, where the medical team suspected an infectious disease. The dedicated team at Horizon Hospital employed advanced equipment and initiated ECMO Therapy, eventually breathing life into the patient.

Here are the details of his miraculous ‘about-turn’ to better health.

On 16th February 2024, an Australian citizen for 20 years, journeyed to India to visit his mother-in-law in Balkum, Thane. A mere 2-3 days after his arrival, he was gripped by relentless coughing, weakness, and subtle chest pain. Despite initial treatments for suspected chest inflammation, his condition worsened dramatically. Concerns heightened when he began coughing up blood.

Tensions mounted as his condition worsened gradually and breathing became increasingly difficult. Distress loomed large. Upon consultation with his better half, back in Australia, he was admitted to the Horizon Hospital, Naupada, Thane, on the 28th of February, 2024. Once there, he was attended to by a team of Physicians, including a Pulmonologist, an Intensivist, and the Medical Director of Horizon Hospital, Naupada, Thane

Upon admission, the patient had a high fever and severe breathing difficulties. Exhibiting a worrying oxygen saturation level of just 65% on room air, he was promptly provided with Ni support and following a comprehensive evaluation was admitted to the intensive care unit.

A day went by but to no avail, It became increasingly evident that his condition was further deteriorating. Respiratory rate plunged, and oxygen saturation tanked to dangerously low levels.

Despite assistance from a ventilator, his oxygen levels and respiration rate were not improving. All signs pointed towards primary lung failure. When all hope seemed lost, expert advice was sought regarding the necessity of an ECMO procedure as a potentially life-saving intervention, and the family was informed and counselled accordingly.

On 29th February 2024, a pivotal moment arose as ECMO therapy was initiated. Under Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya’s leadership, the ICU team embarked on a meticulous daily vigil, closely monitoring vitals. A collaborative effort ensued, with a team of experts, including ECMO specialists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, ENT surgeons, and nephrologists, working tirelessly to navigate the patient’s path to recovery.

The entire team of doctors, staff and his family breathed a sigh of relief on the 7th of March as the patient began to show signs of improvement. Subsequently, the arterial line and the TT tube were removed. Remarkably, the patient made a full recovery by the 11th of March 2024.

During this critical period, the patient’s friend’s timely intervention showcased remarkable humanity. Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya affirmed that, with the aid of advanced technology, the skill of the medical team, and of course, divine grace, the patient was ready to return to Australia without delay. A life saved, a story of hope.