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Neurology & Neurosurgery

Horizon introduces first Neuro intervention unit & Microscopic neurosurgery in Thane. Dr. Vishwanath Iyer with a wide experience of Neuro-intervention & neurosurgeries at Horizon Neuro intervention will be using GE Cath lab for

Diagnostic angiograms’ for neurovascular conditions.

Stroke – Acute thrombolysis

Endovascular Coiling for Aneuryms

Dural AVF (Arterio – venous Fistula ) – Endovascular Embolisation with glue / onyx / coils.

Spiral AVM, Vascular Tumors – embolisation with glue / onyx / particles.

neuro slide

Venous sinus thrombosis – arterial thrombolysis can be routinely done.

Degenerative spinal conditions like slipped disc, osteoporosis etc – Nucleoplasty, Vertebroplasty.

Brain, head and neck tumor – Emolisation before surgical excision.

Maxillo – Facial Benign vascular conditions like hemangioma etc – Embolisation

brain and spine
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Brain & Spinal cord are very delicate & intricate in nature. Operating microscope aid surgeons in providing proper illumination, binocular vision and magnification to make deeper brain areas accessible and to minimize the complications.

The Neuro – science department will have the opening microscope which is a cornerstone of “Modern Micro Neurosurgery”.


Brain trauma for accident victims.

Micro Neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Neuro – oncology for brain tumors

Neurovascular Surgery for aneurysms

Pain Management

Complex Spine Surgery

Spinal Trauma

Paralysis (Stroke)


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